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About We Massacre Productions

Meet The cast for our newest Film coming this year 2023, we will keep you updated.


We Are We Massacre Productions film production company based in Tampa Florida and been together for a good 13 years now.  We have 6 features out and we also help out with other artist with editing, acting and producing.


Buy Tales From The Creek Now!
Click the link below, NOTE* The Bluray says dvd But you tell tell by the case it is intact a bluray copy


April 23rd 2021 on Killer Collab Podcast promoting new film
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Please, Do Not Disturb!

Hes not a killer... but don't push him.  Revenge is like the sweetest joy next to having purpose.  Pictures and paragraphs; uploaded. Wise words being quoted "if the dish is cold, the coffees bold, and throated".

Coming Soon